leicester counselling centre how to make a referral

Making a Referral

Making a referral is easy and you can choose to do this yourself (a self referral) or with the help of another health care professional who may already be involved in supporting you. You will need to check the eligibility criteria before making a referral, which is listed on the “Making a Referral” page.

Assessment and Waiting Times

You will be invited to attend an initial assessment. This is an opportunity to to share more about the issues that you hope to address. If the Centre’s services can meet your needs, you will be placed on a waiting list for a suitable counsellor to become available.


Accessing our long-term counselling is on a donation basis and your assessor will discuss an amount that you feel you can commit to donating towards each session. It is important that whatever amount you decide feels manageable, whilst also reflecting the value of the service you are receiving.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long can i expect to wait for my counselling to begin?
The length of time you will have to wait will depend on whether a counsellor is free to see you at the times you are available. The more flexible you can be, the sooner you are likely to start your counselling. We do our best to see people as quickly as possible but the demand for counselling sometimes results in a waiting time of several weeks or even months.

How much is an average weekly donation?
As a charitable organisation our ethos is to provide affordable counselling with nobody being excluded from counselling because they cannot afford it. We ask that you make a regular voluntary donation to the centre and this is entirely at your discretion. If you would like some guidance on making a donation please view the Information for Contributions/Donations’ form where you will find a suggested sliding-scale.

What do i do if i cannot attend an appointment?
We ask that you contact the centre as soon as you know you’re unable to attend an appointment so your counsellor can be notified and we can book you in for the following week.

Do i still need to donate, even if i am unable to attend a session?
The centre relies greatly on the donations made by its clients and we make predictions about our income based on the number of people using our services. Therefore, we ask that you still consider donating, even if you are unable to attend your counselling session.

I work full time, do you provide evening appointments?
Yes, from Monday to Thursday the centre is open until 8pm and so we can provide sessions into the evening.

What are your opening times?
Our office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9am to 8pm, and Fridays from 9am until 4pm. The earliest counselling session begins at 9.30, with the last appointments being at 7 pm on Monday to Thursday and 3 pm on a Friday.