Counselling offers a safe and confidential space for you to talk about difficulties you may be facing with a professional counsellor. People consider counselling for many different reasons; you may be feeling low, depressed, stressed, or anxious, or be struggling with a relationship breakdown, bereavement, past or present abuse, or work-related problems. It may even be hard to pin-point exactly what feels so difficult but you just know that you need to make changes in your life to feel more fulfilled.

Our team provide long-term counselling support for up to one year, giving you an opportunity to address your difficulties and explore your choices. A counsellor will not tell you what to do but will listen carefully and work with you towards a better understanding of your situation and how you are feeling. You may find that this brings you some relief and makes it possible for you to make some changes in your life. Often quite small changes can make a big difference.

A client’s story…

“I was really quite worried when I was reaching out to start counselling. I thought that my problem wouldn’t be resolved and I would be stuck bearing the weight of this for the rest of my life. From the initial communication by email to the final session by phone I have truly valued every experience I had with Leicester Counselling Centre.

My counsellor has been so patient and understanding of me. She made my quite abstract thoughts have some purpose, and taught me how to be introspective despite being fairly reluctant. Every week, she has been very attentive and would encourage me to follow my concerns and worries. She would pick up on the details of my concerns and evoke a much deeper conversation. I found that by doing this, we were able to explore much deep routed issues and how to tackle them. She has continuously given me advice and another perspective to look at things whilst reminding me of my progress. Some things that we discussed were quite hard for me to talk about, yet the way my counsellor approached the conversations allowed me to be comfortable to talk.

Following from every session, I would become a lot more aware of my actions and feel more engaged with people. I would simply exist but my counsellor has really taught me the beauty of living, and for that I am truly grateful”