What we achieved in 2020

2020 was an unusual year for the Leicester Counselling Centre as we saw all of our support transition to remote working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This meant a method of service delivery that we had not previously attempted, making it necessary for the large team of volunteers to do additional training in telephone and online counselling.

Many challenges presented in working from home; ensuring both counsellors and clients had suitable home environments, the confidential storage of notes, and that the whole team remained supported, yet there was tremendous determination and the service resumed again after just two weeks closure.

Understandably this method of support did not suit everyone and our annual stats show a decline in service uptake compared to previous years. However, overcoming such adversity to continue to provide support, has meant a great deal to many clients who were able to continue to access support – perhaps when it was needed more desperately than before.

Key Impact Stats

leicester counselling centre support

62 counsellors committed to additional training in telephone and online counselling to continue to provide weekly support

leicester counselling centre checklist

84 assessment sessions happened via telephone or zoom

leicester counselling centre customer service

118 new clients started counselling via telephone or zoom

leicester counselling centre people group

215 individuals received weekly uninterrupted counselling support