Our Mission

The Leicester Counselling Centre’s mission is to provide an affordable, long-term, confidential counselling service to individuals aged 18 and over who experience disruption to their daily lives due to mental health, social and emotional difficulties.

It is proud to be one of the largest general counselling service providers in Leicestershire and to make long-term counselling an affordable option for all.

It does not operate with strict referral criteria; support is available to people at the first signs of mental health difficulties. The team believe in a prevention-focused approach, rather than waiting until mental ill health becomes acute and chronic, and aim to provide a timely service, at the point at which a person’s struggles have prompted them to seek support.

Some of the many ways in which we support our beneficiaries include… 

  • Providing a consistent and reliable weekly counselling support to prevent deterioration of mental health and promote mental well-being
  • Building individual resilience, and therefore community resilience, and sharing coping strategies to help people manage life stressors
  • Preventing family disruption or relationship breakdown as a result of deteriorating mental ill health, domestic violence, sexual abuse etc
  • Ensuring that disadvantaged, marginalised and isolated people have regular contact with a healthcare professional able to flag safeguarding issues and risk of suicide, and facilitating appropriate access to additional support
  • Directly addressing issues resulting from the pandemic that are known to increase categories of risk of suicide, including bereavement, loss of employment, financial insecurity, isolation and loneliness

Our Constitutional Aims

To benefit the community, in particular the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, in promoting the protection and preservation of good mental health and well-being and in education in such matters

To relieve and prevent suffering caused by mental or physical ill-health or by social or economic circumstances by providing and developing a confidential counselling service, education, training and support for counselling and to develop counselling resources and in any charitable manner which the Trustees may from time to time determine