Donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

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The Leicester Counselling Centre is a charitable organisation that relies heavily on the donations made by the people who use its services. We are hugely grateful for all donations received and any financial assistance offered from individuals and businesses.



Making a donation

The Leicester Counselling Centre is committed to offering affordable low-cost counselling and, whilst there is no set fee for our support, we encourage all of our clients to contribute a regular donation towards the cost of their sessions.

We always welcome one-off donations and it might be that after you have finished your counselling with Leicester Counselling Centre you may consider making an additional donation, especially if your experience here has helped you improve your life.  You might also be interested in helping the Centre through fundraising for us.

Thinking about a donation that is right for you.

Talking and thinking about money is never easy, especially when you may be struggling in other areas of your life and money may be tight.  However, the following table provides some guidance on a suggested sliding scale to help you to decide upon a fair weekly donation.

Under £10,000 / or on Benefits £10
Above £10,000 £1.50 for each £1,000 of income e.g. if your income is £20,000, a suggested donation would be  £30 per week.

We would stress that any donation you choose to make is voluntary and is entirely at your own discretion. The provision of counselling and the service you receive is in no way connected to, or dependent upon, any donations made.

Did you know…

In private practice, you can expect to pay an average of £45.00-£60.00 per session

The average cost of one counselling session at the Leicester Counselling Centre is £19.00

The Leicester Counselling Centre’s total running costs are in the region of £100,000 per year

We do not receive any funding from the NHS, despite supporting a large number of referrals direct from NHS Mental Health Services