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Accessing our long-term counselling is on a donation basis and your assessor will discuss an amount that you feel you can commit to donating towards each session. It is important that whatever amount you decide feels manageable, whilst also reflecting the value of the service you are receiving.

leicester counselling centre fundraise for us

Fundraise for Us

Whether it’s sitting in a bath of baked beans or running a marathon, we would love to hear from you with your fundraising ideas. Fundraising is a great way to donate and also to raise the profile of the Centre at the same time. We would work with you to ensure your activity is publicised and well-supported.

Corporate Support

Mental ill health can effect anybody. We know that mental health problems at work cost the UK economy £34.9 billion last year alone, according to research published by the Centre for Mental Health. At any one time, one in five working people will have a mental health difficulty. Many will never get any help. Some end up losing their jobs while for others being at work is an important part of recovering from a mental health problem.

If you want to become part of the movement to break down the stigma surrounding mental ill health, why not offer your support to the Leicester Counselling Centre and demonstrate your awareness to your employees.

Support can be in the form of financial assistance, sponsorship, or a contribution of your specific expertise. You could even nominate us for your Charity of the Year award. Whatever way you can contribute, you will be supporting the mental health of your local community, including your invaluable local workforce.