Individual counselling

We offer long-term counselling of up to one year should you need it. Some people take the full year, while others find they only need a few weeks, or months. The length of time you stay in counselling is entirely up to you and will be regularly reviewed with your counsellor. Long-term counselling gives you the opportunity to work through your problems at your own pace and gives you the chance to build up a trusting relationship with your counsellor. This will enable you to talk in a safe and confidential environment in a way you can’t always talk to other people.


Counselling sessions take place weekly, with the same counsellor and last for 50 minutes. 

Will I have to pay for counselling?

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What do I do if I can’t attend an appointment?

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Private counselling

We also offer private counselling which complements the work of The Leicester Counselling Centre. If you want to be seen more quickly than our waiting list will allow please contact us for a list of our private counsellors and their hourly rates. Private counselling takes place at the centre but the arrangement is independent of the main work of the centre and you will need to contact the private counsellor yourself to discuss your needs and to make ongoing arrangements.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for local companies and businesses

The Employee Assistance Programme is intended to help employees deal with personal problems and work-related issues that might adversely impact on their work performance, health and well-being. EAPs generally include assessment and short-term counselling of 8-10 weeks. Please contact the Director at to discuss available options.

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